Reserve your snowboard online, it’s easy and will guarantee you have equipment. Our rentals are tuned and tested regularly. We offer many different styles of boards to choose from and the best thing about how we operate is we allow you to try many different types of boards while you’re on your trip. We want you to have the most hassle free experience renting your equipment. So we only allow you to reserve your first day rental, keep the gear as long as you want then settle up when you return. Mountain weather can change your plans, we don’t want you to worry about overpaying for your gear.

  • Open 8 to 8 (on some stormy days please call because we may end up closing 
  • Pick equipment anytime after 3pm with no extra charge.
  • Located conveniently next to the Heavenly’s Gondola.
  • Add helmets, Bibs and Jackets to your package when you pick up your equipment.

Demo Rental Skis

Package: $60   Skis Only $55

Skier Type: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

The Demo Ski Package is the latest and greatest skis made on earth. The demo fleet consists of top quality skis specific for your skiing type. If you’re a beginner looking for equipment that will help you improve your skiing, we have a selection of soft, flexible skis that make turning a bit easier. If you’re an intermediate skier, you can find an all-mountain ski that will help you find greater confidence on all terrains. The demo package will certainly make the advanced or expert skier very happy. We have specialized skis for any type of condition or terrain (Twin Tip designs, Powder, Mid Fats, super carve, ATV, and Park skis). Brands offered are Salomon, Line, K2, Moment, Armada, and Lib Tech.

Boots: Salomon, K2, Nordica, Fulltilt or Comparable

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Recreational Ski Rentals

Package: $45   Skis Only $40

Salomon Recreational Ski

Skier Type: Beginner to Intermediate

Recreational Skis in this package are forgiving and easy to turn. Geared toward beginner skiers, or to the intermediate skier who is more comfortable sticking to the groomed runs with mellow to moderate pitches. The skis are soft and flexible, allowing the skier to make nicely carved turns. You’ll find that the recreational skis are proper for those who prefer slower speeds yet are looking to advance their style from cautious to moderately aggressive. Brands offered are K2 and Salomon. This package include skis, boots, and poles.

Boots: Salomon, K2, Nordica or Comparable

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Performance Ski Rentals

Package: $52  Skis Only $47

Skier Type: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

The Performance Ski Package delivers a bit more zip and zing to your skiing. When you’re ready to push down on your edges, these designs will deliver back some g-force fun. We recommend this package if you are an upper-level intermediate skier, or if you are a beginner skier who is looking to advance your skiing. With our performance skis underfoot you’ll have greater stability, and thus confidence. In this group of skis you can also try some twin tip skis. The other great value in this package is you’ll be able to find some older demo skis from previous years. Twin Tip designs, Powder, Mid Fats, Super Carve, ATV, and Park Skis can all be found here in this package. Brands offered are Salomon, Line, K2, Moment, Armada, and Lib Tech.

Boots: Salomon, K2, Nordica or Comparable

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Children’s Ski Rentals

Package: $33   Skis Only $28

Skier Type: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

The Junior Ski Package is proportionately designed for kids 12 and under. Kids need not struggle to learn on equipment that is too big for them. During your trip our staff will size your child in a size ski that will best fit his skiing. Since kids learn so fast, if you want to try a longer ski, just bring in your child’s boot, return the shorter ski and we’ll re-set up a longer pair for you at no extra charge. They are quite soft to allow for easy turning. Brands offered are Salomon, K2, and Line. This package includes skis, boots, and poles.

Boots: Salomon Nordica or Comparable

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Jackets / Pants / Helmets

Rental Helmets

Rent Helmets, Jackets and or Bibs 

$18 a day



Gondola Ski Tahoe Square LogoThe Gondola Ski Tahoe store is located in the Heavenly Village near the Heavenly Gondola. It is also a great location to rent a snowboard if you are going to another ski and snowboard resort in the Tahoe area.